Coaching Session         

   1 hour

    Covid special $ 70.00


Samsong 4.jpg

      Equine Assisted Coaching                       Covid special  $ 100.00.

                Plans available

Group Sessions

Coaching sessions for a group

Zoom used during COVID

Maximum 4 women

Focus on building Confidence, Worthiness and Boundary Setting

1 Hour

$ 50.00 per person


     Samsong (Sammie )                                                                                                                                   

                     Contact Lynne

                      519 852-4377


I love coaching with Lynne! I look forward to our sessions every day and I leave each session a bit more knowledgeable with tools to recognize my triggers and saboteurs.I feel stronger and empowered!

        ( testimonial by Elissa )


Sophie Girl

Are you frustrated with aspects of your life ?

Do you continue to make the same poor choices?

Do you long for peace and balance?

Do you feel stuck in your present situation?

Are you anxious, grieving or depressed?

Do you feel used or unappreciated?


If these questions resonate with you call or email me.

We can create a session time together.