My Story

I am a retired Secondary School Teacher, guidance Counselor and a CTI ( Coaches Training Institute )            Co-active Coach since 2009. I am passionate about assisting people to recognize their personal value and assisting them to move forward with confidence. The search for a sense of worthiness has been my journey too and I believe it is honourable work. I also know that it is the journey that most women travel on and I believe it was journey I was meant to take in this lifetime. I know that recognizing one's value is possible but it takes work, it takes the belief that you can do it and it takes someone to guide you along the way. I was fortunate to find both and now I would like to help you to that place.

I am an animal lover and a woman who prefers to be outside in nature. I have 2 horses that I use in the equine facilitated coaching, both rescues and both trained as therapy horses. Their names are Samantha and Sophie, and 2 dogs Lucy & Mingka.


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                  My Mission



My mission is to help clients achieve the self esteem and confidence that will enable them to honour the unique individual that they are, to make decisions that are healthy for themselves, and to navigate life's challenges successfully.