Which Coaching Type ?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

What is the difference between Equine Coaching and Tele-Coaching?Besides the obvious difference, one being by phone and the other being on site working with a horse you have chosen to work with, the sessions with a horse are longer in duration and involve activity, ie moving with a horse, first in a stall, then in the arena. Neither requires previous experience. Sometimes a client might be nervous when they meet a horse they wish to work with but the fear dissipates very quickly. Exercises might start with the horse in her stall with a meet & greet, followed by grooming and getting to know one another. We progress slowly at the comfort level of the client. Horses pick up the emotion of the client very quickly and mirror it back to me, giving me insight into the issues. The horse works as a partner to me, guiding me in the process and the client has the feeling that the horse is working with them, together as a team, forming a lovely connection.

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