I love coaching with Lynne! I look forward to our sessions every day and I leave each session a bit more knowledgeable with tools to recognize my triggers and saboteurs.I feel stronger and empowered!

        ( testimonial by Elissa )

The horses' gentle nature and intuitiveness make me feel calm and safe. At first it wasn't like that. My feelings of inadequacy and fear were running my life. But with Lynne's quiet, unwavering guidance and the deep knowing that horses naturally have, I've been able to learn how to feel grounded and live more in the present moment. Lynne's trust in me has taught me that I can trust in myself. I've become more self confident, more aware and more able to see that there are people and creatures in the world that are good. I've done things I never thought I would do, like being connected to something, and having meaning in my life. Thank you Lynne, and Sophie and Sammy.  (  Diane  )